Littles2010bFour miles may seem like quite a distance to run or walk on Thanksgiving morning. But for some, the journey to the finish line is a tougher road than most might imagine.

In 2010, at the first Borodash, Conrad and Lavy were new to North Boulevard Church of Christ but they decided it would be a great way to get involved as a family with the community. They were both athletic in high school. Conrad played baseball and Lavy was a cheerleader. But that was years ago, and they weren’t the same people they were in high school.

Just the year before Borodash was launched, Conrad had double bypass heart surgery. Not only that, but due to diabetes and undiagnosed hypertension, he suffered heart problems and lost both of his legs and most of his fingers. Still this father of three wanted to run Borodash. To make Conrad’s dream come true, Lavy would push him four miles in a standard wheelchair.

“But here was the deal,” says Lavy. “I didn’t want to be behind at the finish line. I wanted us to cross together. I asked him if he would walk the last little bit. He said, yes, he would.”

At the time, Conrad was being fitted with prosthetic legs. His goal in therapy became to walk the last 100 feet on his own. He did. On Thanksgiving Day 2010, 100 feet from the finish line at the inaugural Borodash, Lavy stopped pushing Conrad’s wheelchair 100 feet from the finish line. He slowly stood up and they crossed together. It was a dramatic moment that those lucky enough to witness it celebrated with cheers and tears.

“We started walking toward the finish line, and people began cheering me,” remembers Conrad. “It was really very exciting.”

Littles2010fJust as exciting as that dramatic finish for Conrad and Lavy has been seeing their three boys – Carrington, Chamberlin and Chancellor – embrace the run and its deeper purpose.

“It reminds me to be thankful,” says Carrington. “God has given us to much to be thankful for and this is an opportunity to help people who are less fortunate.”

“I feel like God is giving me a purpose: to serve others,” says Chamberlin. “Borodash gives me an opportunity to do that. It’s a really fun chance to see all the people running for a really good cause.”

“I like seeing all of the people running together,” says Chancellor. “Its good to help other people and to use your abilities. Then, later in the day, you feel good when you sit down to eat.”

Hardly the words you’d expect from boys whose family faces so many challenges. But like the run, they face life’s challenges together.

“We’re very proud of our boys,” reflects Lavy. “There are others in this world who have less than we have. It’s important the boys see that. Raising boys in a world like we live in today isn’t easy. It’s important that they learn to feed others first.”

Conrad and Lavy will be running Borodash together again this year. Conrad isn’t able to wear his prosthetics this year. But Lavy is more than happy to be pushing her husband and sharing the race as a family.

“It’s our family’s tradition on Thanksgiving Day now,” says Conrad. “You don’t have to run. You can walk it.

“It’s just the fact you’re getting up and thanking God for your ability to move.”

And in your case, Little family, it’s your ability to move us all with your courage and faith that inspires us.

If you have a Borodash story of your own, we invite you to share it with us at And, if you haven’t already, register today at or volunteer by contacting us at and make a Thanksgiving Day memory of your own.

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